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My name is Kristina, but my friends and family call me Bumby.I have 4 very special, and crazy, people in my life: my husband Travis, our two boys Maverick and Raylan, and our sweet baby girl Sawyer “aka” Soybean. I love all things sweet and southern. 100 Grand Bars and Rolos are the most tempting of bribes. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is my favorite, but only during the winter months. If I have Pandora playing, you can assume it’s on the station “A Fine Frenzy.” And I love Burgers!!!! I eat them at a minimum twice a week.Florida’s natural beauty started my journey into professional photography and quickly evolved by shooting close friends and family weddings. I love capturing the energy and emotions of a couple and their families. Preserving once in a lifetime day through photography is my passion.Each wedding is a unique story, which can be told again and again by capturing the details that most embody the couple’s vision. I spend time connecting with my couple’s so that I understand what they are excited about and to create a comfort level that allows me to capture the memorable moments seamlessly at the wedding celebration.