DJ Phil

Contact: Phil Joeckel
Phone: 407-928-9612

How many years have you been in business and what do you like the most about it?
Just celebrated 20 years in the Wedding industry! I love being a part of something special that creates memories that will last a lifetime.
What is your style?
I don’t personally have a specific style. My goal, in any event, is to be flexible and provide a service that is customized to fit my clients’ personality and vision. It’s all about my brides and grooms, not me 🙂
What steps do you take to make couple’s experience with you as pleasant and memorable as possible?
I provide all my clients with a comprehensive event planning guide to ensure that every detail is accounted for. I tell them to enjoy the process and don’t stress at all when thinking about the details. If at any point your not sure of something, I encourage my couples to contact me so I can help 🙂 I always find myself being upbeat and happy because I work with couples who are going through an exciting time in their lives. I get excited with them! This makes the entire process memorable for all of us 🙂
Do you have a piece of advice for engaged couples?
Simply just enjoy the planning process. Don’t cause yourself to become too stressed by worrying about every little detail. You have hired professionals to help ease your mind and make the process a fun one. Don’t over think things, it’s gonna be a beautiful day! It’s all about you and your fiancé! Don’t let others outside of you and your vendors deter you from your vision, stay on course 🙂