Roundtable Sessions

Evergreen Content: Making Your Blog Work for You

We've all heard that we need to blog but blogging in itself is pointless if you don't have a plan. Better yet, a plan with content that you know your clients will always need. In this session, you will learn how to create content that will continue to work for you long after it has been posted. This will save you time and make sure that you have the necessary internet presence for potential and current clients.


Attendees will learn:

- Why blogging isn't dead/what is the purpose of blogging?

- What is evergreen content?

- How to add evergreen content into your website?

- Create a plan to add evergreen content to your website.

About Amanda Schmidt

As the founder and editor of Orange Blossom Bride, Amanda Schmidt provides local wedding inspiration and planning advice for couples getting married in the Greater Orlando area. She also coaches and assists local wedding pros with their blogging, SEO, and marketing needs to help them stand out in a competitive market.

Understanding Your Website Traffic & Google Analytics

With 75+ reports in google analytics alone and tons of ways to customize all that data, where do you begin? Great news is we have so much data at our fingers tips, the ability to see trends and what to focus on is key. Do you need to hire a data scientist? Probably not. Creating some easy to understand reports and then looking at that data. Even if your site gets only a few visitors or thousands a day there is a ton of actionable data to help you understand what is working and what is not.


Attendees will learn:

- The top 5 places to look when going into analytics.

- Understanding what extra steps can really help your analytics go along way

- Finding the pages that will offer the biggest return to spend tweaking

- Shared DataStudio Report you can customize with your info that helps you see your traffic with ease.

About david forman

David Forman was writing computer code in the womb. A “nerd” in the best ways, As the internet grew, so did David’s knowledge and creative passion. Those skills led to the formation of Clarity Creative Group, an outlet for David’s computational creative juices. Where he has a tech background but loves working together with the clients and business owners to understand how all our tech in life comes together.

Engaging with the Engaged at Wedding Shows

Maximizing your investment and being show successful starts long before the show doors open. It begins with proper pre-planning of your booth design, training your staff, and setting realistic goals. Continues through the day of the show with knowing how to engage the couples and book the appointments/tastings/tours so you get that private one on one time to close the sale. Then finishes with effective post show follow-up.

This session will cover the following points: Pre-show prep, being branded & effective, how to engage couples and what now. Get ready to reap the rewards of your proper show preparation by taking home some tips and tricks to creating show success.


Attendees will learn:

- Pre-Show Prep,

- Being Branded & Effective,

- How to engage couples

- What now?

About Georgia defrancisco

Georgia offers a unique perspective on wedding shows, with over 15 years as both an exhibitor and producer in Central Florida, Atlanta and Nashville. As Director of Perfect Wedding Guide, she enjoys sharing her knowledge with other wedding professionals, and helping them achieve the highest return from their expo investment.

Risky Business: Developing Boundaries and Saying No

“The art of leadership is saying no, not yes. It is very easy to say yes.” ~ Tony Blair


The wedding industry is certainly customer service oriented, but the creative visioning and unique situation for every client can blur professional lines for concrete business practices, often resulting in confusion, anxiety, and hurtful behaviors.Healthy boundaries enable wedding professionals to take control of their life and their business.

This Roundtable will explore the topic of developing the personal boundaries needed to interface well with clients (which frequently means saying no). The discussion will address the limiting beliefs that present obstacles to defining boundaries, how to develop your personal boundaries, and the essential step of having a proactive plan to establish and maintain these boundaries.


Attendees will learn:

- To identify their limiting beliefs about setting boundaries.

- To develop their personal boundaries to take control of their business.

- To design a proactive plan for establishing and maintaining their boundaries.

About dr. kay julien

Dr. Kay Julien is a psychologist who holds a Masters degree in Education and a PhD in Conflict Management, and has been active in the professional conflict resolution community for over 10 years.

She currently maintains a conflict communication coaching practice in Orlando, where she helps her clients fearlessly tackle difficult relationship conversations.

Kay serves wedding professionals through communication education and training, and coaches them to be successful in their challenging wedding planning dialogues.

A Luxurious Myth

Take a deep dive into the world of "Luxury" weddings from the perspective of a wedding photographer. So many want to book this elusive client, but aren't fully prepared for how to reach them, and how to be ready for them! With increased profitability comes increased liabilities, which Kristen will break down so you can adequately target and service these clients.


Attendees will learn:

- The myth of luxury clients - how to reach true luxury clients (not using the term "luxury", for one!)

- Fulfilling the luxury brand through all marketing platforms (social media, marketing pieces, website, etc)

- The liabilities of working with luxury wedding clientele (lawyers, contracts, insurances, securing your business)

- NDAs and how to approach the luxury clientele who doesn't want to be shared

About Kristen weaver

International wedding photographer, educator and fashion junkie - Kristen Weaver specializes in a style she classifies as ‘comfortable luxury’. Since opening her photography business in 2009, she has photographed couples all over the world as they’ve said their ‘I Do’s’. Kristen commissions a limited number of weddings each year along with working on a number of advertising campaigns, model and editorial shoots.

Reaching Couples Using Instagram Stories

Learn the ins and outs of using Instagram Stories to reach your ideal couples! From content ideas to tips and strategies, this roundtable session will cover everything you need to know to market your business with Instagram Stories. Lauren will also share data behind what couples really want to see from you on this platform. Come with questions and be ready to dive head first into the world of Stories!


Attendees will learn:

- Develop ideas for content for Instagram Stories

- Learn strategies

- Tools to utilize

- Audience research

About lauren grove

Lauren Grove is the founder and editor of the wedding media company, Every Last Detail. Formerly a clueless bride, Lauren became a wedding planner in 2009 with a mission to prevent couples from making the same mistakes that she made for her own wedding. Along the way, she started Every Last Detail, which quickly became known for showcasing weddings utilizing the expertise of professionals and sharing candid information about weddings.

Now a full-time publisher and marketing consultant for wedding pros, Lauren not only has a passion for helping couples, but for helping wedding pros as well. She runs The V List, a wedding pro marketing membership, alongside Every Last Detail, and is constantly creating opportunities for wedding pros to help them run their businesses and reach couples.

Why the Central Florida Season is (literally) a Rollercoaster ride

Get strapped in and hang on for dear life as we attempt to tame the beast and survive the death defying aerobatics along the path of the Central Florida Wedding Season. We will explore Central Florida's unique double dip cycle with real time data from both state records and local vendors own experiences. Learn how to interpret your own year to year data to discover pockets of income opportunity hidden amongst the chaos.


Attendees will learn:

- How to interpret your own year to year data to discover pockets of income opportunity

- How to pull data from public information sources to discover geographical trends and demographically information

How to get the very latest market data available to compare year to year

- how to seek insight and confirmation from fellow vendors regarding trends and market data.

About Nick durante

With over 14 years market analysis experience in Central Florida , Nick Durante provides marketing support for his wife Marjorie's successful wedding and portrait firm Sophias Art Media Productions llc, DBA SOPHIAS ART PHOTOGRAPHY.

He is also developing a comprehensive wedding photography educational resource spanning a wedding photographer's first 50 weddings.

Get Clarity on Your Next Great Big Hairy Goal

We’ll work together to develop a clear vision to identify critical milestones and create an immediate plan of actionable steps. You’ll learn the Creative Insight Process that I take my clients through to help them to connect to more customers.


But what makes this roundtable discussion different is the creative exercise that you’ll work through with your marketing plans while sparking new ideas to help you think outside of your usual box. You’ll walk away from the experience with major ah-ha moments as your creative juices start to flow.


We all have the ability for creativity to help us think differently, to help us get clarity and turn your ideas into a real insight, even if these actions are outside your usual comfort box.


The Creative Insight Process will show you how to turn your ideas into something that can help your customers do something easier, help you make you more money or a discover a new way to pull that product or program together.


Attendees will gain access to:

- Social Media Strategist who will guide you through the Creative Insight Process, conversations and creative exercise.

- Group feedback to help you with where you’re getting stuck and the action steps to move forward on your biggest challenge reaching your next big goal.

- Worksheets to give you an actionable plan you can easily implement and a super fun creative experience to help bring your ideas to life.

About penney fox

Penney Fox does more than just help you grow your business using social media – she’s a Social Media Productivity Coach. She’s spent the last 15 years helping entrepreneurs developing their marketing strategies and teaching her clients how to be more effective to get more done in less time.


While others will show you steps to get a gazillion followers, Penney will give you practical and actionable steps to reach more clients using social media. She’ll show you how to understand how social media marketing can grow your business while taking the best steps to ensure that your content converts into qualified customers and website traffic.

Increasing website views & traffic with Pinterest

Have a love hate relationship with Pinterest? We'll discuss how to leverage the platform to reach your target market and re-frame your opinion of this powerful visual search engine.


Attendees will learn:

- How to optimize your profile

- Research for ideal keywords & phrases

- How to create boards that drive traffic

- Tips & tools to maximize Pinterest reach

About serena waller

Serena is an ex-wedding planner turned social media manager that loves ALL the pretty things, storytelling, tacos and naps. She helps busy wedding industry clients offload social media + blogging so they can get back to the things they love. She's held various roles within the wedding community since 2004 and has loved watching the industry evolve over the years.

5 Tips to Streamline Your Wedding Business

Not enough hours in the day...sound familiar? We are all guilty of getting caught up in the numerous tasks that are required not only as entrepreneurs but as wedding professionals. Join Stephanie Inghram, Virtual Administrative Consultant, to learn simple strategies to streamline your wedding business. From automations (they are not as scary and robotic as you think) to setting up effective systems in your personal & business life, she's got you covered to give you your freedom back while running a successful business!


Attendees will learn:

- Email/Client Organization

- Time Blocking

- How to find good help/hiring a VA.

- CRMs/SOPs.

About stephanie inghram

Stephanie Inghram is a Virtual Administrative Consultant and entrepreneur extraordinaire. She is passionate about creating strategies that streamline the behind the scenes tasks that every entrepreneur craves. Prior to becoming a VAC, Stephanie was an award-winning Senior Certified Wedding Planner. She focused her proficiencies from her planning firm into Virtual Administrative Consulting to help wedding industry entrepreneurs maintain the real connections between them and their clients.

Create The Time For You - Reclaim Your Work-Life Balance

How often do we use the excuse “I don’t have time?”

In this roundtable, Talya Kosstrin, Integrative Health and Wellness Coach, will help you take charge of your health and improve your work-life balance! You will gain tools to carve out time for you and learn how to devise a plan of action to lead a happier, healthier, more balanced life one step at a time.


Attendees will learn:

- Re-prioritize and schedule time for yourself

- Understand that the journey starts with small steps

- Integrate self-care into your current busy schedule

About talya kosstrin

Talya Kosstrin, Integrative Health and Wellness Coach, and Owner of Progressive Trans4mation, helps busy professionals implement gradual changes to their diet and lifestyle, so that they permanently reach their goals for every aspect of their life – the physical, emotional, and spiritual. She supports you in a way that’s enjoyable and easily integrated into your life to create new habits for the long haul! You will take small steps to reach your intended goals and journey towards a progressive transformation. Talya offers one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and facilitates corporate workshops.


FB: /progressivetrans4mation

IG: @progressivetrans4mation


Top Tools to Organize Growing Small Business

Do you know the difference between an Employee Handbook and an Operations Manual? How do you know when to turn your Sub-Contractors into Employees? Is a CRM system even right for you?


During this discussion, we will assist you in getting a grip on your business and lead you to a path of success and growth. Discover the tricks of the trade to organize, delegate and succeed in your business so you're not stuck in limbo.


Attendees will learn:

- Hiring Smart: Salary vs. Sub-Contractor

- Protecting your Client: Deep Dive into Non-Disclosures

- Workflow Tips & Tricks: Perfecting your Operations Manual

About victoria angela

Victoria is an owner and shutterbug of Victoria Angela® Photography, an innovative photography studio providing unparalleled customer service and a timeless, vibrant image style. During her two active decades in the wedding and event industry, Victoria along with her business partner and husband, Jacob have created and developed four successful brands. They attribute part of their success to creating a strong foundation of systems to automate and streamline growth.


Industry professionals are drawn to Victoria’s savvy business sense, attention to detail and forthright approach during one-on-one mentoring. Victoria Angela® Photography and its sub-brands travel throughout the world documenting the most beautiful events for a sought after list of prominent individuals and businesses. Their regard for client privacy and policy of “Never Shoot and Tell”, allows them access to capture such noteworthy celebrations.


Victoria believes she is simply living a lifestyle, not working a job. When she isn’t photographing an event or mentoring her peers, Victoria enjoys spending time with her two fur-children, Oscar and Harry. Victoria is an active philanthropist and enjoys donating her time to several local and national charities.

defining your difference

There's so much competition in the wedding industry today. Do you know why a couple should choose you over a competitor? If you're tired of negotiating pricing and not booking clients who you know you would be perfect for, you have to know why you're different. (Hint: Having outstanding customer service isn't the answer.) In this round table discussion we're going to discuss how to define your difference and how to use that to sell and market to couples you want to work with.


Attendees will learn:

- What qualities today's couples are looking for

- Determine how you fulfill these qualities

- Brainstorm on phrasing that can be used in sales and marketing.

About susan southerland

Susan founded Just Marry! in 1992 in the bedroom of her parents’ home. Since then, she has collaborated with thousands of happy couples to plan their big days. Her tenacity, talent, and persistence helped her grow her company to include divisions for weddings, social events, and corporate destination management. In 2018, she achieved a long-time goal when Just Events! Group, Inc. was named to Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in America.


In addition to running her company, Susan is a popular consultant for resorts, cruise lines, and small business owners who want to start or improve their social event businesses. She is also a renowned speaker, author, mentor, wife, and a proud mom of four great kids.

time management: myths, realities and results

Time is the one resource that cannot be replenished and which always seems in short supply. Business owners often struggle with the feeling that there is just not enough time to run through the daily/weekly/monthly to do lists. Join Paul Castaneda as he walks you through how to grab command of your time, identify what to focus on and avert the pitfalls that stall too many.


Attendees will learn:

- Multi-tasking doesn't is what does

- You can't do it all, but you can do what you must

- There IS enough time, with the right approach

About paul castaneda

Paul is a native of New York City. He combines over 30 years in the business world with 40+ years experience in entertainment as an actor/director/producer on stage and as a child, as well as being a freelance writer. With experience in consulting, business/executive coaching, operations and sales/sales management training and delivery, Paul brings unique perspectives on the challenges faced daily by business owners, their staff and their clients.

Crafting Your Personal Mission Statement to Create Clarity Instead of Confusion

We all know that business brands have mission statements to tell their employees, customers, vendors, and others exactly what they do, who they serve, and why they’re in business. But have you ever thought about creating a personal mission statement to guide your personal brand? A personal mission statement will help you convey clearly and concisely to your clients, customers, and others who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. And, as an added bonus, a personal mission statement will also help create clarity in your own mind for who you want to serve and why you do the work you do while also giving you confidence that your audience understands this, too.


Attendees will:

- Have a clearly and specifically defined ideal client or customer

- Be able to convey the outcome they create for their client or customer

- Have a concise "elevator pitch" to quickly and clearly state what they do, who they serve, and why their client or customer should care

About Diane diaz

Diane Diaz is Personal Brand Strategist and Speaking Coach with Speaking Your Brand, where she helps high-performing, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and professionals create their signature talks, build their personal brands, and increase visibility to grow their business and become recognized as influencers in their fields. Diane holds a BS in marketing from University of West Florida, an MBA from UCF, and currently teaches branding and marketing classes at Full Sail University.