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Contact Person: KT Wise
Phone: 321-765-9473
E-mail:  info@wiseimagesphotography.com
Website:  www.wiseimagesphotography.com
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How many years have you been in business and what do you like the most about it?

I have been a professional photographer for 9 years. I love being behind the camera. I feel like I’m home and I get to be a part of a couples special day!

What is your style?

I love variety! I tend to shoot different types of photographs because not all weddings are the same nor are all the couples the same. Candid shots are my favorite because I love seeing people laugh and showing different emotions!

What steps do you take to make each couple’s experience with you as pleasant and memorable as possible?

I want all my couples to be informed of the process and know I have them covered for the day. I want them to know they are special to me

Do you have a piece of advice for engaged couples?

Communication is key! You need to talk things out because you can’t read each other’s mind! Never say anything negative about your spouse to be now or in the future, even if you think you are teasing each other! Make sure you have fun with each other and enjoy each other on your journey!