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The date has been selected, the venue has been secured and the invitations have been sent. Your event is approaching and you cannot wait to let the celebration begin!

But wait – there is more planning to be done!

Tables, chairs, tents, dance floors, lighting and the list goes on and on. Where do you begin? And is it possible to enjoy the planning process? We say “YES!”

This is the perfect time to call a rental company! We suggest creating a list of questions and having the vision of your event in mind before you pick up the phone. Below are a few questions that may be helpful as you shop around for your rentals:

1. Are there new products that are not listed on your website yet?

Asking this question may reveal more options than a rental company’s website may initially reveal. New inventory may be exactly what you are looking for!

While you are discovering a rental company’s products, it is also encouraged to ask about any trends or products they recommend for your theme or venue! Their insight and expertise may help you bring more dimension to your wedding or event. Perhaps, the rental company may help you discover that lounge furniture in lieu of traditional cocktail tables may enhance the vision of your cocktail hour!

2. What packages do you offer and are they customizable?

Some companies may offer set packages that have all of the missing pieces for your event! However, you may need items that are not paired together in a set package. If this is the case, a customized package may be just what you need!

At Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals we create customized packages to ensure that every item ordered is needed for your event and that you receive the best discount available.

3. What logistics do I need to consider for the rentals I am interested in?

Do not fret! Asking this question to your potential rental company will help you rest assured that all details have been covered before the big day. Logistical details that may be important for your event may include: obtaining a permit for a tent, securing a rain back-up, locating all power outlets needed and creating ways to maximize your space.

4. What role do you play with set up & delivery?

There will be many things on your mind day of your event. We believe that your main priority should be to enjoy your time as much as possible! Therefore, we love to step in and take any worries about rentals off your mind.

We take pride in providing a timely and thoughtful delivery, set-up and pick-up for our clients! We understand how many details are being coordinated on the day of your event and it is our pleasure to take setting up rental items off of your to-do list.

5. Do you have a showroom?

Visiting a showroom may provide a necessary visual to feel confident in booking your rentals! This visit may also help you discover items or details that you haven’t thought of yet.

If you met a rental company at a bridal show or convention, you may ask if visiting their booth was enough or if there are more items to preview at their showroom.

It is important to note that some showrooms are only available by appointment only. We suggest contacting the rental company to schedule an appointment in advance and prepare a list of items that you are interested in.

These questions may start your list of questions or guide the conversation that helps bring your vision to life. But most of all, we would like to encourage you to not hesitate when asking questions to your rental company. Communication is key! It is crucial to cover all of the bases to ensure that your vision is understood and executed exactly as you imagine so you can walk into your event feeling confident and excited!

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