M3 Beauty

Contact: Michele Hundley
Phone: 321-402-3336
E-mail: michele@m3makeup.com
Website: www.m3makeup.com
Facebook: /M3 Makeup Artists
Instagram: @m3makeup


How many years have you been in business and what do you like the most about it?

M3 Beauty was founded in 2010 by Michele Hundley. What we love most is making people happy.  We’re here changing the world one face at a time.

What is your design style?

Our style is bringing out each bride’s natural beauty. Enhancing what they have and who they are. The main request we always here is, “I want to still look like myself but better.” That’s what we do. We give you that look of bridal perfection. You look great in pictures as well as in person. It’s about that perfect balance.

What steps do you take to make couple’s experience with you as pleasant and memorable as possible?

We take the experience throughout the planning process, from the day of booking to the wedding day, very seriously. Prompt responses, flexibility, accommodating, and most importantly, we pride ourselves on being personable and not treating you like you’re just another client. We also write up a schedule for day of services. Your day should be as stress free as possible. We want you to feel comfortable and we also like to have fun! What’s life without laughter?!

Do you have a piece of advice for engaged couples?

Do not skimp on hair and makeup. You’ve paid for the photographer and that gorgeous dress. You want to look good in the pictures and in that dress! You do get what you pay for, trust me. This goes for any service that you’re looking at. Some wedding services will be more important to you than others and every couple has a budget. Also…trust referrals. They’ve seen first hand how good those vendors are. Happy Wedding Planning!