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Photobooth Rocks

Life moves fast, doesn’t it? We get caught up in routines and before we know it, the good times with family, friends or co-workers have turned into memories—hopefully memories worthy of sticking on your fridge or in a frame on your desk!

Hello! We are Photobooth Rocks! Your loyal partner in creating and capturing memories. We have a love for life and our team loves those unexpected, real moments that make your event truly special. We love feeling like we’re part of making that all happen, so we are all in with genuine smiles and shared laughter.

Our mission is simple: to help you curate, create, and capture every noteworthy moment. With the highest quality images and videos, we’re dedicated to preserving every smile, every laugh, and every interaction. We’re committed to be as excited and passionate about your event as you are!

Real talk: printed photographs are like dollar bills, it’s impossible to throw them away.

Whether you want to capture a moment at a wedding, celebrate at a birthday, or you want to drive brand awareness and sales at your next potential client event, Photobooth Rocks is here to make sure no smile goes unremembered and no laughter goes unshared.

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